Your Virtual Care Manager

Start living your best life with a complimentary video call.

Are you struggling with virtual care for a loved one?

Kara’s trusted professionals can assist with a variety of issues to help maintain dignity and independence.


Challenges due to memory loss or dementia


Support with declining mobility and stability


Management of common ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, and more…


Scheduling and administering multiple medication scenarios

Our process:

Set up an introductory video call to speak with a Kara specialist, who can help determine specific needs. A local Licensed Nurse or Credentialed Gerontologist in Kara’s network will be assigned to enact a plan best suited to your loved one’s lifestyle.


One-on-One Video Call

Set up a consultation to assess your needs


Share Your Story

A confidential discussion with a Kara Specialist to pinpoint existing challenges and articulate desired outcomes.


Get a Care Plan

A plan tailored for your loved one’s individual barriers, while being respectful of their choices.

Find Your New Narrative

Why Kara

We are a network of Licensed Nurses and Credentialed Gerontologists, strategically located to serve your loved ones where they live… even if you’re far from them.

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  • Non-clinical professional guidance
  • Remote access
  • Simplify varied care needs
  • Consistent feedback
  • Ease stress for both you and your loved one

Your Virtual Care Manager

About Kara

Kara’s advisors provide your family with solutions for a variety of non-clinical virtual care management needs. Professional nurses and gerontologists consult in tandem to implement an individualized plan of action best suited for your loved one. Kara enables healthy solutions while freeing up family or friends from 24/7 support.

Rest easy, knowing that even if you are remote, there is a local elder care concierge that can help overcome vulnerabilities. Kara provides a roadmap for healthier and smarter living. Our solutions will help your loved one live a longer, more comfortable life while offering you peace of mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

Kara healthcare professionals are trained to assess the immediate and long term needs of your loved one. Based on client conditions and family input, Kara will create a person-centered plan of action. We manage the process connecting an extended team of local healthcare professionals, caregivers, nutritionists, occupational therapists, and more depending on their customized needs.

The first step is arranging for a complimentary video or phone call. Your Kara nurse and/or gerontologist will help pinpoint areas of immediate, ongoing, or future concern. At that point, we will offer general feedback and discuss options to create a comprehensive action plan. Kara is positioned to expedite elder care concierge tasks with local professionals, enabling clients to seamlessly access services and improve their lifestyle.

Pricing for your personalized plan will be shared during your initial complimentary call. Fees vary depending on service needs.

Kara’s core tenet is convenience, both for you and your loved one. Our innovative model offers simplified access to local, vetted experts. You can feel confident that your loved one is receiving the care you have designated in your plan, without the need for regular travel and other interventions. An initial visit between your local Kara professional and loved one would be a requirement to fully assess their comprehensive care plan, and if desired you would be welcome to join in person or virtually.

The magic of Kara is that we are structured to accommodate family members and their loved ones living anywhere. 

For example, a relative living in New York City with a loved one in San Francisco, California can contact a Kara concierge in San Francisco via video or phone, and the local healthcare concierge will assess and address your needs during the call.

Your Kara concierge will arrange for local insurance covered healthcare professionals, and/or recommend suitable out-of-pocket resources. We will ensure that the professionals are visiting as required, and provide feedback to you. Kara will continue to monitor your loved one and provide recommendations for new services, or suggest eliminating those no longer needed.